What I love best about social media marketing is the opportunity it gives small businesses to maximize their marketing and advertising dollars. Social media lets you accurately target your audience, track your performance, and adapt your strategy quickly to improve ROI. It also gives large corporations the chance to connect with customers on a personal level in real time.

My social media experience includes:

  • Using Facebook advertising to promote an annual sale at a local retail store, breaking previous sales records by nearly 20%.
  • Helped a nonprofit attract younger members and volunteers through an integrated campaign.
  • Using Twitter to create conversations around destinations and events on local and national levels.
  • Using Twitter to and Facebook to develop a regional fan base for a location-specific travel website.
  • Brand ambassador for Nintendo using multiple social media platforms to create buzz about new products in two metro areas.
  • Connecting brands and bloggers to create effective sponsored content that served both parties’ interests.
  • Creating an award-winning blog that received national press exposure and attracted corporate sponsors along with a dedicated readership and newsletter base.